Sweet Diane's Granola is available in 12oz. and 4oz. resealable bags. Mini Cakes are available in a 4.25 oz. convenient "to go" container or as a muffin.  Additional sizes may be available for catering and craft service.



Original Granola

The name isn't fancy, but this powerhouse granola launched Sweet Diane's. Eat it on top of yogurt, with fresh berries, or on its own- it's simply delicious. We start with oats, a superstar food that helps prevent cardiovascular disease, stabilize blood sugar levels, and reduce high blood pressure. Oats are also rich in fiber, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. This delicious granola gives you your daily serving of health-enhancing organic oats with no added sugar. 

Ingredients:  organic rolled oats, organic pumpkin seeds, pecans, organic maple syrup, organic sunflower seeds, extra virgin organic olive oil, organic coconut chips, organic flax seeds, sea salt and spices.


BluEberry Almond Granola

This granola is as beautiful as it is scrumptious. With blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and almonds- it's a treat to behold and to eat. Blueberries are a nutrient-dense food, and believed to contain the highest antioxidant capacity of all commonly eaten fruits and vegetables. This granola includes the benefits of these delicious berries, along with protein-filled raw almonds and  healthy whole grain oats, sweetened with a touch of organic maple syrup.

Ingredients:  organic rolled oats, almonds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic maple syrup, dried blueberries, organic sunflower seeds, organic coconut oil, sea salt and spices.


Orange Cranberry Granola

Tasty orange flavor adds a zest to this granola mixed with tangy cranberries. With a fresh, clean taste, it satisfies the appetite for something wholesome and delicious. A generous helping of pecans provides many health benefits, including high levels of fiber (good for the digestive system and heart) and magnesium (a mineral with anti-inflammatory abilities). Heart-healthy organic coconut oil and sunflower seeds add the finishing touch. 

Ingredients:  organic rolled oats, pecans, organic maple syrup, organic sunflower seeds, organic dried cranberries, organic coconut oil, essential orange oil, sea salt and spices. 


Matcha ginger om

mini cake and muffin

Matcha green tea is a superfood that dates back over 1000 years ago when Japanese Zen monks began growing and processing this powdered green tea. It helped the monks to relax and concentrate during meditation. This Mini Cake is loaded with Matcha, giving it a unique green tint, and includes chunks of spicy ginger and currants. You may well experience the sense of calm and enhanced mood that matcha has been delivering for over a century.

Ingredients: organic spelt flour, organic banana, organic almond milk, organic crystallized ginger, organic currants, organic coconut oil, organic rolled oats, organic agave syrup, organic lemon juice, essential lemon oil, sea salt, organic matcha green tea, vanilla, baking powder and baking soda.


mocha duluxe

mini cake and muffin 

Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that positively affect your well-being. High quality dark chocolate is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, copper and manganese- as well as a powerful source of antioxidants. Our Mocha Duluxe Mini Cake contains both solid dark chocolate and raw cacao powder for a superfood double dose. Sweetened by agave and maple syrup, this powerful treat is not overly sweet- just the right amount to satisfy.

Ingredients: organic spelt flour, organic coconut oil, organic agave syrup, organic almond flour, organic applesauce, fair trade and organic dark chocolate, organic chia seeds, organic maple syrup, espresso powder, organic cacao powder, vanilla, baking powder, cinnamon and baking soda.


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